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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  May 13, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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on the surface, everything looks normal with this guy. >> he's a surfer dude. a former eagle scout, a mormon missionary, and a suspected killer. >> did you believe he was capable of doing something like that? >> no. >> tonight, join the hunt as the fbi searches for one of its ten most wanted fugitives. >> when his face was put on tv his friend called him. >> and he hits the road. >> he's a ghost. >> keep your eyes open, because this guy could be hiding any where. >> i don't think i've ever seen anybody like this.
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>> chris hanson on the trail. the fbi's ten most wanted list has chronicled america's most infamous. today, it is populated with accused murderers, drug traffickers and child pornographiers. >> most of these have committed more than one crime. so these are very dangerous people. >> the tavgs of finding these tunltives falls to this man, ron haus coe. almost 500 kim flals have made the most wanted list. and for most of them, that was the beginning of the end. >> we've cleared 466 of those. not all of those are by arrest. some of those are already in custody. they've turned up dead. but 94% clearance rate is a
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tremendously successful program. >> but it's the other 6% that keep him and his agents up at night. >> a fugitive who drops under the horizon can present a significant challenge to us. >> and even among the top ten lists, the story of one finaltive stands out. you might know him and not even realize it. he could live across town, down the block on maybe even closer. and if you know where to find him, the fbi could make it worth your while. this fugitive's catch me if you can story began on the kind of day that makes wintering in phoenix look appealing. it was reporter dave's beat. >> it's a really quiet area. and when it happened and we heard about it, it was pretty surprising. >> what happened and shocked
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everything here happened monday after thank giving. an armored car went to pick up the week end box office. the employee walked quickly into the theater. they picked up the cash from the manager, signed the receipt for the $56,000 and headed back out to the truck. before the kourier reached the vehicle, six gunshots shattered the quiet. the gunman snatched the moneybag. a security camera caught him picking the bag up, drooped it, bolted into an alley and jumped on a bicycle leaving the victim bleeding.
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>> there was about five shots fired. it sounded like one gun. >> the armored truck's driver who didn't see the shooting called his office and following policy, stayed inside the truck. >> 911, what is your emergency. >> my driver just called and said our guard is down. he's been shot, several times. >> what is your emergency. >> the driver is still moving. >> we'll get some help there, sir. >> we've got to get an ambulance here. he's dying. >> when paramedics arrived minutes later, they could do nothing for the man on the ground. his life was cut short and his young wife widowed. his violent death confirmed his mother's worse fears about her son's dangerous job. >> i just hoped it wouldn't be so soon. this man, taken my life, my
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heart, my joy, my reason of living. my son. >> a time zone west in california, keith's brother derek got a call at work from his grandmother. >> she was distraught on the phone, crying. >> she couldn't get it out. >> just came home and in this very room that we're in right now, she told me that your brother was shot and killed. >> right in this kitchen where we're sitting. >> yeah. i fell to my knees. i couldn't even hold myself up. >> growing up, derek idolized his older brother. >> he taught me how to play baseball, charismatic, full of life, loving, caring. very protective. >> the killing that shattered their family was also the beginning of an incredible man hunt. >> we get the call of a shooting at the amc theaters. >> veteran detective caught the case. >> our detectives went out there and the fbi and started the
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investigation. >> there was little for them to start with, despite a police rapid response that included helicopters, check points and dogs. more witnesses had heard than seen the shooting. >> and i was about halfway back to my truck, and the shots were fired. >> the few eyewitnesses they could find described seeing a white or hispanic man wearing a dark hoodie who rode away from the theater on a mountain bike. >> he was pedaling hard, like too hard just to be getting across the street. >> the killer who vanished on a bicycle now had the fbi on his trail because armored car theft is a federal offense. for lance, the fbi's lead agent, this was more than just another robbery. >> desperation causes people to do crazy things. he could easily do that again. >> people in phoenix were horrified by the killing. dave covered the story for the arizona republic. >> this was a different kind of event where a guy who was simply
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trying to do his job was taken out for no reason. the community as upset, and they wanted answers. >> the fbi's search for those answers would put them on the trail of a most unlikely finaltive, a fugitive who agents would learn began life as that nice boy next door. an athlete, eagle scout and religious missionary but who grew up to be a con man, gambler and accused killer, a path that one one day put him on the fbi's most wanted list. coming up. investigators get a huge break when they find the bike that suspected killer used to escape. there's a fingerprint on it, and it leads to a photo. a picture that tells a chilling story. >> you can see the smirk on jason's face in that photo. he's purchasing the instrument he's going to use to kill this guy. blood type? a or b positive?? have you eaten today?
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in the hours after the murder of the armored car courier, they were trying to piece together what happenedment they had only the vaguest description of their suspect. a white or his manic man of
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average height and average build on a mountain bike. >> we were covering hundreds of tips about a guy on a bicycle. >> fbi agent lance was working the case with detective paul dalton. their crime scene was a mess. and broken glass from a ticket window shattered by the only round that missed the vick continue. >> the body was right here. >> right. >> did he even see it coming? >> i don't think so. >> we could guess. his gun was in his holster. >> he never got it out. >> never got it out. >> the witnesses out hire didn't hear a single demand for money. it was immediately gunshots. >> bam, bam, bam, bam. >> their first break, a huge one, came the afternoon of the robbery. a helicopter pilot spotted a bike. i alerted searchers below.
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>> the detective that was there immediately called our crime scene people and before they moved it, let's swab it for dna. let's print it real quick. >> they interviewed workers and shoppers in the mall. what they heard made them think the robbery had been some time in the planning. >> and we started talking to those people and they said well, yeah. there was their silver bmw with this guy watching for a couple weeks. >> but what could be the connection between the driver of the expensive sports car and their suspect on the bicycle dresd like a day laborer? the answer came the next day with the match to a fingerprint lifted off that abandoned bicycle. >> i got a name. jason derek brown. >> okay. well, who is he? who, indied. his name was in the national crime information center computer because of an arrest
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from stealing golf clubs. >> we got the name of jason brown. we started to rook into everything. we ran with the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms, and that pinged on the recent purchase up in salt lake. >> atf records indicated that a jason brown bought a handgun just a few weeks earlier in utah. it was almost midnight the day after the shooting when salt lake city based fbi agents located firearms instructor. >> he had this little three series bmw, nice looking car. laid-back. that southern california type. >> he made room for brown in a class. >> he was very cocky, very air gabts. >> after some instruction, brown took and passed the concealed carry test.
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he was fingerprinted and photographed as required by utah law. then the student told the instructor he wanted to buy a handgun. the firearms instructor tried to direct him to an easy to use small caliber weapon. >> he wanted something bigger. he was insistent he wanted the .45. >> brown bought a .45 and he was just as particular about the ammo he wanted. >> he chose some of our high pressure or very powerful ammunition. >> before the fbi agents lief the gun shop, they downloaded the photo taken for brown's permit and sent it to the task force in phoenix. >> you can see the smirk on jason's face in that photo. it's an interesting shot. he's purchasing the instrument he's going to use to kill this guard. >> they now had a name, a face and a vehicle for their lead suspect, the vehicle, that silver bmw, led them to revisit the report of a suspicious
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person seen putting a mountain bike into a bmw at a hotel shortly before the murder. when police detectives got there they learned a jason brown had stayed in room 261. forensic experts found little inside the room. but they collected this surveillance video showing brown in the motel lobby the day of the killing. >> a tip to the hotel, that corroborated some of that jason brown information and it blossomed from there. >> now leads were pouring in. brown's cell phone records were subpoenaed. and from towers, cops triangulated his whereabouts. >> he goes into 24 hour fitness, goes in, comes back and gets his bag. >> those cell tower hits under kate that on the early evening of the robbery and murder, brown
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was drive west out of phoenix. his phone logs indicated dozens of calls to family members in california. sure enough, two days later, on wednesday, bank records showed brown was making a cash deposit in a dana point, california branch. the cops felt they had cracked the case. a jand jury agreed and indicted yay son derek brown for the murder of keith, an arrest appeared i am nebts. >> we're getting close, zeroing in. >> but even as they seem to be drawing ever closer to their prey, the fbi and phoenix homicide were also growing increasingly concerned that jason brown was far more cunning, desperate and dangerous than nearly anyone they had encountered. coming up, investigators are just minutes away from an arrest. but then. >> a friend called him. >> and
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. one week after the robbery/homicide that killed the armored car guard, phoenix police detectives and fbi detectives believed they were closing in on their suspect. >> we have a lot of means to try to track people down. we used every one of them in
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that case. >> brown's cell phone logs and credit card receipts led investigators to believe their man had gone to ground with family. >> you guys were pretty sure he was in orange county, california. >> we thought we were getting closer. it's never a sure thing, ever. >> in fact, seven days after the crime, fbi agents were preparing to arrest brown. their intelligence led them to believe he was hiding with his sister in california. but that same morning, phoenix police who were unaware of the planned raid called a news conferencement they identified brown as the suspect and appealed for tips. dave covered it for the arizona republic. >> as a reporter, we thought we were doing a service. >> be on a look out. >> yeah. the surfer boy mug shot, be on the look out for a dangerous gunman who just killed a guy in cold blood. >> just a few hours later, police raided brown's sister's house. anyone looking out the window
2:23 am
here might have thought a movie was being filmed. fbi agents and police swarmed the block and stormed the house. s.w.a.t. teams secured the te scene. there was no trace of jason brown. brown's sister told the fbi he was gone. they just missed hip. agents asked her that most critical question here in southern california. what was he driving? his silver bmw she said. >> it was a timing issue and we missed him for 30 minutes or so. >> when his face was put on tv, his friend called him. >> he took off. >> he hadn't escaped in that silver bmw. he was driving his cadillac escalade. >> were these people lying to us right away? that happens all the time. >> did that hinder the investigation? >> it didn't take long for the people quarterbacking that
2:24 am
operation to say we're not sure he's in the bmw. let's look at everything. >> one of his credit cards was used to buy gasoline in orange county the day after the raid on his sister's house. >> we went and reviewed the tapes and it's the escalade. >> we're looking for the escalade. >> brown was at least a day ahead of him as the fbi tracked his escape route with cell phone records, credit card records and surveillance records. >> he takes money out of an atm, sends a package to his brother david. >> after san diego, what can you tell me about brown's movements? >> he drove north to portland, where he sent another package to david. >> and what was in that package? >> a gun, his brother's .9 millimeter glock. sent that, more clothing items, some memory cards, several cds.
2:25 am
>> any clues? >> a lot of clues to his past life, his ego wall was contained in those disks and in that laptop. >> fbi agents had the family's post office box under surveillance and knew david brown received the shipments. >> why do you think he sent all that stuff. >> i think he wanted to get rid of everything that associated himself with his past life. i think he idolized a couple things, the movie heat. he talked about a phrase in that movie. >> a guy told me one time, don't let yourself get attached to anything that you are not willing to walk away from. >> he was just going to cut ties with anything that could ever connect him with jason brown. he was going to start a new identity. >> after he mailed that package to his brother from portland, brown went offer the grid. no phone calls, no atm
2:26 am
withdrawals. no credit card use. it was becoming evident to the agents on his trail that yay son brown was far more resourceful than their usual bank robber. his ability to fly under their radar led them to a dead end in oregon. but just as his west coast trail turned cold another major lead was uncovered back in phoenix. >> after jason's photograph was broadcast across arizona tips began flowing in. investigators were particularly intrigued from a story they heard from an engineer who had been camping here with his young son. >> he called. saw the picture, immediately thought, hey, that was the guy who shot my truck. you don't forget that. >> the camper told cops about a man who identified himself as jason brown and had been target shooting paper plates in the desert day before the robbery. he had confronted brown after
2:27 am
jason accidentally fired a bullet into the door of his truck, causing $1300 in damage. >> and jason grabbed a paper plate that he had extra, wrote his name down and phone number down on the paper plate and gave it to him, saying hey, i'll. >> i'll pay for the damage to your truck in. >> right. >> he added his license plate number and the same salt lake city address he had used on his motel registration. when investigators examined the bullet, they found it was the same brand and caliber as the rounds that killed keith palomarys. with another link, they felt they now had an ironclad case. but what good did it do if the suspected killer remained at large? and a seeming dead end in their investigation, agents had to dig in to jason brown's past to find out who he was, how he thought, and what his next move might be.
2:28 am
and the more they dug, the more it appeared as if he had been born to run. coming up, turns out, jason brown's father also vanished. >> apple didn't fall too far from that tree. >> do you think there's a possibility that yay son is hiding out with his father? with, left it under the hot desert sun, attached a febreze car vent clip, and let in real people. it smells good. like clean laundry. like driving through beautiful tropical... palm trees with like fruit hanging. i wish my car smelled like this. [ both laugh ] i could sit in this all day. [ laughs ] proof. febreze car vent clips eliminate even the toughest odors. another way febreze helps you breathe happy. [ female announcer ] real fruit flavors. real tea leaves. and real honey. lipton tea & honey, it's all here.
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he became a ghost once, you know, he was aware that we were looking for him. and that's when he went off the grid. >> as the fbi ghost busters continued their search for jason brown who had been charged with killing the armored car courier. they found themselves perplexed by the apparent paradoxes in their suspect. >> i've seen people desperate,
2:32 am
to risk 20 years of their life. i don't think i've ever seen anybody like this. whenever you're hunting a fugitive, you get to know them. you go back deep into their family history. >> investigators believed that somewhere in brown's family history, they would uncover some clue to his whereabouts. they discovered their unlikely suspect grew up in the sunny affluence of orange county, california. raised on this block in laguna beach. an eagle scout and first rate athlete, he graduated from laguna beach high school before attends college in idaho. then he served two years as a mormon missionary in france where he became fluent in the language. and not long after he returned home, he married a fellow missionary in a temple ceremony in los angeles. he earned a master's degree in
2:33 am
business administration, but somewhere on his way, his marriage went south and his life took a sharp turn. as investigators dug deeper into hayes past, they found that by the time he had completed his mba, he had undergone a fundamental transformation. the eagle scout and former missionary had reinvented himself as a player, a party boy with a taste for speedboats, cars, and pretty women. it could be traced back to his childhood and his relationship with john brown. >> his father was often described as going into tijuana to pick up large sums of cash. >> his father was a bit of a flim flam guy. >> yeah. apple didn't fall too far from the tree with his son. >> he learned from him.
2:34 am
absolutely. >> a man of history. brown senior, was, like his boy, a gambler and player. >> had a silver spoon in his mouth. had money. he had the nice things. he had a father who taught him how to get those nice things maybe without a traditional job. there were other things in his past that lead us to believe that maybe he followed the path of his father. >> agents' suspicions were heightened when they learned that brown's father john vanished in 1994, ten years before his fugitive son disappeared. >> do you think there's a possibility that jason is hiding out with his father john? >> conspiracy theorists may believe that. i don't. >> jason's sister and brother declined to talk to dateline. and investigators say they have been less than cooperative with them as well. fbi agents pressured david brown for information that might help them locate jason, but blood proved thicker than water. for instance, there was the matter of jason's silver bmw.
2:35 am
>> david told us many times, i have no idea where it is. i have no idea where it is. ultimately, david, unbeknownst to us traveled to las vegas, accessed one of jason's storage units and grabbed the bmw, not just to have it for himself, but to completely clean it out. >> he moved it to california and had it detailed. when the fbi found out he was arrested and pled guilty to a charge. >> we wanted fingerprints, the dna, anything could have been in that vehicle. >> do you think his brother or any other family member knows more than they're letting on? >> i think it's extremely difficult for anybody to go this long without communicating with
2:36 am
friends or family. >> undeterred investigators burrowed further uncovering scam after scam their charming young fugitive had allegedly perpetrated. he excelled at buying things on credit. >> from boats to cars and everything. never paid for it. he walked on the lot and did the initial purchase and they never saw him again. >> brown was also suspected of running a string of bogus businesses across the southwest. picture perfect modeling was the name of his texas venture. >> he had a modeling agency in austin texas. >> yes. we he conned female coeds to do modeling shoots with him. he would take the money and run and use it to meet women and move on. >> total scam. >> total scam. >> jason even posed for some modeling photos of himself in austin. >> but how did a man suspected of con games become the violent
2:37 am
criminal cops allege he is. >> for jason, i think it came down to his greed, his desire for money, his desire to be that millionaire, the life of the party. and how that desire extends to the point where you can kill somebody, that's something i'll never understand. >> investigators might have been d despairing of ever understanding jason brown, but they still hoped to catch him. >> on the surface everything looks normal, but he is the portrait of a sociopath. and when i runs out of money again, then what happens? coming up, the suspected killer who could easily be the guy next door. think you know your neighbor? she thought so. >> he was gin russ. he'd help people out. he'd golf with some of the neighbor guys. >> did you think he was capable of doing something like that? no. >> when dateline continues. asionaconstipation,
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2:42 am
placed was a message jason wanted us to think. i think he wanted us to think that he was gone. that he took a flight out of that international airport and fled the country. >> in the months aft murder, lance and other fib agents interviewed his fine ibs friends and neighbors hoping they might create a profile. what they heard was contrary to what they expected. there was a surprising revelation from that camper who was out in the desert with his son when jason fired the shot. while on the road, jason mailed him a check for $1300 along with a toys-r-us gift card. >> he's so charismatic enough that you're his best friend in the bar and give a gift certificate to the child for ruining the day. >> investigate ares also
2:43 am
interviewed ellen robinson. she was a realtor who showed jason a house a year and a half before the crime. >> he was really most interested in the garage. and he said yeah, i'll take it. i'll rent it. >> why was that? >> he said he had a lot of toys to store. >> what did he tell you he did for a living? >> he was an importer, exporter to golf equipment to asia. he had it full of golf balls, equipment. >> how was he as a neighbor. >> he was like a big kid. he'd golf with some of the neighbor guys. he took us all boating once. >> mike campbell also lived on the same brock as jason brown techt and the two were friends. he told the fbi jason owned all the toys a boy could want. >> a bmw, cadillac escalade. he had a jeep rubicon, a special edition boot, two quads, yamaha
2:44 am
crotch rocket and two dirt bikes. >> a lot of motors in one man's garage. >> correct. >> was he a player? >> he had that playboy mentality, i mean, from day one, to the end. it was money, money, money, money. hey, let's go out to the clubs and everything. and he always paid for it. >> six months later, brown abruptly moved out. he told friends a family member was ill in california. that was it. until a year later, two weeks before the shooting, when jason brown called ellen robinson and took her up on a standing offer to visit. brown proved to be a consider at houseguest during the ten days he stayed in robinson's spare room. >> he'd leave for the day as if he were going to work. and i remember asking him one day are you eating breakfast? get a bagel before you leave. and he said no, that's not right. i'm not going to eat your food.
2:45 am
that's not right. and that was it. >> investigators brief that he was parked in the mall staking out the armored truck's pickups during that time. three days before he allegedly robbed and killed keith palomar ease, he moved out of the house into the motel. ten days after that is correct robinson was stunned when she heard what brown was accused of doing. >> i happened to have the tv on and there was his picture. >> jason brown's picture. >> yes. >> what did they say. >> that i was wanted for the murder of an armored car employee. i picked up the phone and said hey, you got to straighten things out. >> did you believe he was capable of doing something like that? >> no. >> how can one person be so kind on one hand and so apparently evil on the other in. >> i have no idea. you know, a murder is not the person i was friends with.
2:46 am
>> but she did remember one strange thing that happened when brown was house-sitting for her a year or so before the crime. >> i went out of town for a couple days, and i left jason in the house. by himself. and my cat. and he said my cat would not even go in the same room as him. >> meaning the cat sensed something bad about jason brown. >> yes. my cat was smarter than i was, i guess. i thought maybe it was that player thing. he senses he's a player too. >> mike campbell happened to work in a restaurant near the movie theater where keith was killed. he knew the shooting victim who sometimes picked up cash as campbell's job. >> what went through your mind when you heard it was keith who was killed? >> shock. man, i just saw him yesterday. now he's dead? it's like, this can't be happening. >> and your former neighbor is accused of killing him. >> it's a double whammy. you kind of ask yourself, what
2:47 am
in the world is going on. >> give me a sense for the information you've gotten from jason brown's friends, how he was acting just before the crime. >> moist of them described him as depressed. he was sleeping on people's couches. didn't have the money to live the lifestyle that he wanted to live. some of his associates described how he was watching shows about crime dramas. and he would talk to them about hey, armored car would be the way to go. if we were going to do a robbery, that would be the one to do. >> they weren't getting any close ur to capturing jason brown. inevitably, the man hunt began to wear on investigators. >> under pressure from our own department to solve this. we had pressure from the victim's family. then we have pressure that we put on ourselves. >> but that pressure would be
2:48 am
ratcheted up even more because jason brown was about to join that most exclusive of clubs, the fbi's ten most wanted list. >> coming up, is jason brown's life on the run a life in the sun? >> what do you think the odds are that he's wangled his way into some woman's life someplace and he's being supported and she has no
2:49 am
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2:52 am
i always thought that he would be caught within a month or two. then a year went by, then two years went by. then five years went by. the fact that we're sitting here eight years later is staggering. >> in spite of the fbi and phoenix police department's best efforts, jason derek brown remains at large. all things change over time. especially people. fbi and phoenix police artists try to determine just how the years may have treated brown. has the california surfer dude grown into a man more closely resembling his father who disappeared a decade earlier? jason brown's ability to remain at large has convinced his pursuers he is cunning and
2:53 am
disciplined. >> he drops off the radar. >> yes. >> and not one hit, not one credit card usage, one video surveillance capture. ghost, he's a ghost. >> we have received probably over five, 6,000 tips on people who think they have seen him. >> all those speak to how easy it may be for him to hide in plain sight. >> he's good looking, charming when he wants to be. >> absolutely. >> what do you think the odds are that he's wangled his way into some woman's life and he is being supported s and she has no idea. >> he has a history of telling people he's somebody he isn't and drain them forasmuch as he can drain them for and move on to the next. i think it's very likely he's using that charm to get close with a woman, telling them he's somebody totally different. i think that's what he's doing.
2:54 am
and then moving on. >> brown was raised in the mormon church and did his mission in france. >> right. >> speaks french fluently. >> yes. >> could he be in france? >> he could be any where. he also speaks spanish and english. and so we got the world. >> right. >> over the past years, there have been suspected sightings of jason brown from key west to las vegas to vancouver. in one incident, cops detained sean penn's body double. the closest thing to a confirmed sighting came in 2008 when someone who knew the fugitive said he thought he recognized him waiting at a stop sign in salt lake city, but whoever was in the car was long gone by the time agents heard with t they believe that even on the run,
2:55 am
jason brown remained a serious threat to public safety. he had earn the a place among the nation's most dangerous criminals. so in 2007, they put him on the bureau's ten most wanted list. >> why does proun make the list? >> because his crime was a very earous violent crime, because brown is smart. he's capable. he is a person who's fluent in frerns. he's an avid outdoors person. >> give me a sense for the volume of tips that come in when somebody makes the top ten most wanted list? >> the volume of tips routinely coping in to give a tip or send a tip to the fbi is about 20 thousand a month. >> 20,000 a month. >> it's not just the desire to be a good citizen. there's a monetary award. and the bounty on jason brown was recently doubled to
2:56 am
$200,000. the fbi is making it easy to collect. they've put up a dedicated website and a 10 most wanted app. >> there are hundreds of thousands of hits on that app. it's been wildly successful. >> ron hosko thinks they'll get their man. >> what is it going to take to apprehend jason derek brown? >> it's going to take some alert citizen who is watching this show or looking at his app on his cell phone and saying i know who that person is and picking up the phone. >> the family of the man jason brown is alleged to have killed hopes that happens. >> what do you say to jason brown as we sit here tonight. >> ask him why, why and how could he do this to somebody over money? what brought him to this? he just did not take my brother's life. he took my mom's, my dad's, my family's life, everything from
2:57 am
us. >> what is it like for you every day to know that the man authorities believe killed your brother remains free? >> to know that he's still out there, that he could still wake up every day, enjoy life, it used to really irritate me. as i got older, i realize i still have anger towards him, but he has to be living in fear. he cannot live a normal life. he has to be looking over his shoulder every time. he has to sleep, go to bed and know what he did and sleep with what he did. >> the investigators charged with tracking down keith's suspected killer aren't giving up. >> he's been on the lam for eight years. what do you think the realistic chances are that he'll ever be caught in. >> i think we have good chances. they eventually get caught, one way, shape, or form. and i'm confident that that will happen. >> one thing i can guarantee you. we're not going to stop looking. he'll stay on that list until we
2:58 am
catch him or determine he's dead. that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. >> this s bengsz. did the white house play with terrorism or is this a rev the up attack machine against the president and hillary clinton. this week, a career diplomat challenges the official line on benghazi in riveting detail. >> i received a call from the prime minister of libya. i think it's the saddest phone call i've ever had in my life. he told me that ambassador stevens passed away. >> and house republicans aren't about to stop asking questions. is the administration holding back? >> the white house has done everything possible to block access to the information that would outline the truth. >> this morning, my exclusive interview with the republican
2:59 am
leading the charge, chairman of the house oversight committee, congressman derril issa of california. then the man who insists that charges of a cover-up are pure fiction. former ambassador thomas pickering who led the independent investigation into the attack, he joins me. plus, response from democratic senator and chair of the senate intelligence committee dianne feinstein. later our roundtable on the political impact of benghazi and the other news. the immigration fight, the economy as the stock market takes off, and the alarming number of sexual assaults in the military. what should be done? from nbc news in washington, and the world's longest-running television program, this is "meet the press" with david gregory. >> and good sunday morning. the president and his administration under fire now on two fronts, news just this morning in the developing country over the irs targeting of conservative tea party groups. the associated press reporting this sunday that will senior irs
3:00 am
officials knew of the targeting as early as 2011, contradicting recent public denials by the commissioner. in the growing consciousal investigation over the administration's response to the september 11th attacks in benghazi, libya has the white house now on the defensive. that's where we'll start right would you now with the republican leading the investigation into these matters, the chairman of the house oversight committee, derril issa. >> obviously this is an important issue to the american people. >> let's get into it then because i want to know where you're going. congressional leaders including yourself are calling on the white house to release more e-mails related to all of the communication and reaction to the benghazi attacks the very next day. what are these e-mails? what's in them, and do you think the white house is holding something back? >> david, there are three zing areas that haven't been answered. first of all, a full understanding of why urgent requests repeatedly for more security before the attackses were denied. we've had statements that it as